Staff & Board of Directors

UUPCC is governed by a twelve-person Board of Directors, elected by the membership to staggered 3-year terms. The day-to-day business of the organization is conducted by the Executive Director, several part-time employees and numerous dedicated volunteers. 

Board of Directors

Rev. Morgan McLean, Chair
Davis, CA
Term to 2022

Rev. Morgan McLean is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and has been involved in congregations in Wisconsin, Washington, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois. Before entering ministry, Morgan worked on human rights issues with Amnesty International, USA.   

At Main Line Unitarian Church in suburban Philadelphia, Morgan worked closely with the congregation’s Partner Church efforts, including a visit in 2013 to their partner church in Várfalva, Transylvania and a subsequent visit from eight of the villagers to Main Line in 2014.  Her personal experience in Transylvania was transformative as she connected with the historic roots of our shared faith and found new ways to engage that history with spirituality. Morgan is the Assistant Minister for Congregational Life at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, CA.


Anne Greenwood, Vice-Chair
San Pablo, CA
Term to 2022


Anne Greenwood was first introduced to Transylvanian Unitarians at the 1984 World Congress of the International Association for Religious Freedom. She has been involved ever since, traveling many times to Partner congregations in Transylvania, including her own partner church of Homoródúfalu. She has served as member, chair and co-chair of the Partner Church Committee at the UU Church of Berkeley since its inception in 1990, and is an active member of the Balázs Scholar Committee, supporting a visiting scholar and their family for the academic year at Starr King School for the Ministry. She also served as a UUPCC networker in the Pacific Central District.


The Rev. Eric Meter, Secretary 
Columbus, OH
Term to 2021

Rev. Eric Meter has been the Associate Minister at First UU of Columbus OH since August 2008. Born and raised Unitarian Universalist, Eric came to First UU after ten years of ministry in northern California and an interim ministry year in upstate New York.

More about Rev. Meter

After completing his Masters of Divinity at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, and then a ministerial internship under the late Rev. Dan O'Neal at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Rosa, Eric served the Unitarian Universalist Church in Livermore, California until 2007. During his tenure there, he was president of the local Interfaith Council, and co-chaired a marketing campaign of 17 UU congregations the San Francisco Bay area. Other highlights of his ministry there included travelling twice to visit his congregation's partner church in Transylvania, leading a youth service trip to New Orleans to help in the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts and preaching in Soweto during a sabbatical month in South Africa. In 2007 Eric received the Distinguished Service Award from the Pacific Central District of the UUA. Prior to answering the call to ministry, Eric was a VISTA volunteer with the Minnesota Literacy Council in St. Paul, MN and also worked with the Twin Cities' Southeast Asian refugee and immigrant communities. During that time, Eric was also active in both local and district UU young adult programming.



Rick Irwin, Treasurer
Atlanta GA
Term to 2022

Rick Irwin was an actuary for PricewaterhouseCoopers for 18 years, specializing in health insurance projects for large employers. He retired last September.  His responsibilities were tied to analysis of the client's health plan experience, so he is very comfortable crunching numbers to identify trends & outliers and to be sure everything "adds up." 

More about Rick

Rick says: I am interested in the UUPCC because of the recent choir trip to India.  Three of us from UUMAN were able to make the trip (me, my wife Paula Watson, and Pat Lambert).  It was fantastic, and I expect to have a continuing relationship with our new friends Banjop, Nangroi and Bariat. 

The Rev. Alicia Forde
UUA Appointee
Boston, MA

Rev. Alicia Forde joins us as the new UUA Director of International Resources, leading the UUA’s engagement with global Unitarian, Universalist and interfaith partners, including supervising the UU United Nations Office and the Holdeen India Program.

Rev. Alicia previously served as the UUA’s Professional Development Director, and as the Multicultural Congregations Program Coordinator. She notes that her work (and play!) rests on a foundation of collaboration, deep listening, transnational feminism, and wrestling with the legacies and impact of settler colonialism and imperialism across the globe. Alicia has a Master of Divinity from Iliff School of Theology and is also a certified Spiritual Director.

Carol Cook
San Mateo, CA

Term to 2020

Carol Cook has served on the UUPCC Board since June 2014, and on the UUPCC Communications Committee since January 2010. She is a retired librarian and resides in San Mateo, California. She is co-chair of UUSM's Partner Church Committee, and has served UUSM as Membership co-chair, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Board member. Carol has traveled to the Philippines five times to meet UUSM's partners in the Ulay congregation on Negros Island, and in March 2013 organized a large collection of theology books donated by Dr. Richard Beals to the UU Church of the Philippines library in Dumaguete.

Rev. Ilene Tompkins-Gillispie
Brevard, NC
Term to 2021


Rev. Ilene Tompkins-Gillispie grew up in an interfaith Unitarian Universalist family in Alexandria, VA. She is a lover and scholar of world religions and has been a practicing Sikh (a religious tradition from North India), in addition to her lifelong roots as a UU, for almost ten years. Ilene holds a B.A. in Religion from New College of Florida and an M.Div. from Boston University School of Theology. She has a deep commitment to justice work in many forms, including a history of work with the UUPCC in Romania and India. 

More about Rev. Tompkins-Gillispie 

Rev. Ilene has begun her service as the settled minister with the Unitarian Universalists of Transylvania County in the beautiful mountains of Brevard, NC. Before her work at UUTC, Ilene served as a chaplain at the Durham Veterans' Affairs Medical Center in Durham, NC. She completed an intern ministry year at First Parish Church of Stow and Acton and also served as student minister at First Parish Malden Universalist, both in the greater Boston area. 

On her first trip to Transylvania in 2002, Ilene visited her home congregation's partner church, Szentháromság. Since then, she has visited Transylvania eight times, most recently to lead a pilgrimage trip connecting her internship congregation to their partner church. She has also spent 6 periods of time, ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months, studying various subjects in many parts of India.

Fluent in Spanish and Punjabi languages, Ilene hopes to use these skills in her international ministry work. Her areas of academic interest include Indian religions, Indian history, and Punjabi/Hindi language. She plays Indian classical music and is learning to play the Appalachian mountain dulcimer (since she now lives in the Appalachian Mountains). Ilene and her husband Dustin (married in 2017) live in Mills River, NC with two cats, one dog, amid many plants and gardens. 


Michelle Leebens-Mack
Athens, GA
Term to 2020


Michelle Leebens-Mack (Athens, GA) for a first three-year term on the Board of Directors.  Michelle has been actively involved with the Partner Church Council at the UU Fellowship of Athens since moving to Georgia in 2006.  She initiated the small group ministry program at UUFA and served as the Lay Minister for Connections from 2010-2017.  Michelle helped make arrangements for partner church members visiting Athens, and in 2015, she traveled to Oklánd, Transylvania, as part of a pilgrimage group visiting UUFA’s partner congregation. 
Michelle has had a lifelong experience in making international connections, including spending summers with family in the Netherlands every couple of years.  Michelle’s family hosted AFS students during school years and she served as the president of her high school AFS club where she met her now husband of 30+years.  Michelle has been a UU since 1999, attending UU congregations in TX, TN, NY, PA and now GA.  Michelle is a Registered Nurse with wide experience in critical care, emergency, and hospice.  Michelle now works in surgery centers and at the University of Georgia Health Service Travel Clinic.


Melody Moberg
Seattle WA
Term to 2020
Melody Moberg is Chair of the UUPCC Youth and Young Adult Initiative and Director of Religious Education at University Unitarian Church in Seattle, WA. She has served on the UUPCC Board of Directors since 2014, and is the co-leader of the young adult program at the ICUU Conference and Council Meeting in the Netherlands July 2016, along with Rev. Sara Ascher. Melody is a life-long UU. She won the 2011 UUA Social Witness Sermon Contest, and plans to begin seminary in the fall, while continuing to serve as a DRE. Melody graduated in 2010 from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI with a BA in religious studies and English, and volunteered full time with adults with developmental disabilities before coming to University Unitarian Church in 2011.

The Rev. Howard Dana
Concord, MA 
Term to 2021

Rev. Howard Dana came to First Parish in August 2013, after 13 years serving the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg. A graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry, he previously served as intern minister at Birmingham Unitarian Church outside Detroit and interim minister at the Mission Peak UU Congregation in Fremont, California. Under Howard’s leadership in Harrisburg, his church was designated by the UUA as a Breakthought Congregation, for its visionary acquisition of an inner-city church building to accommodate a growing congregation.

More about Rev. Dana

Howard made a second trip to Transylvania in spring'18 to see Concord’s partners in Székelykeresztúr.  He has enthusiastically embraced Concord’s longtime partnership there and has also found other ways to engage in our global faith—most recently by attending the ICUU Conference earlier this year in Nepal.

In his free time, Howard enjoys contra dancing, cooking, painting, movies, bookstores, gardening, travel, and his pit bull, Rosie. An outdoor enthusiast, he loves kayaking, hiking, camping, biking and walking. 

Gwyn Reid

Boise, ID
Term to 2021 

Gwyn Reid - Boise UU Fellowship, Boise, ID A lay leader dedicated to partnership, and a seasoned traveler to Transylvania, Gwyn enjoys visiting Boise’s Mészkö partner church in the Alabaster Village.  Last year’s Steward of Partnership Award for Gwyn recognizes the depth and quality of her work for the partnership at the Boise congregation. Gwyn is deeply committed to sharing all aspects of partnership along with our Unitarian Transylvanian roots. After reviewing letters from Christine Morgan (wife of David Ferenc) to her family members, Gwyn created and wrote a one-woman show called “Letters from Christine”. The play was performed by a member of her congregation at GA in 2008.



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