Planned Giving

What would we be without our connections?

It's hard to imagine what our churches — and you — would be like without these connections.

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We can't imagine UUs without international partnerships
... and we can't imagine these partnerships without you.

We're striving to increase our partnerships,
strengthen existing partnerships and involve
a new generation of UU youth and families in
the worldwide UU community.

 We invite you to join this visionary effort by becoming a Legacy Donor

Please make a Legacy Gift — or a Lead Gift —  to keep Partnerships a vital part of Unitarian Universalism in the world and in our congregational life for generations to come.

Filipino schoolchildrenTransylvanian graduatesKhasi schoolchildren

Filipino schoolchildren

Transylvanian graduates

Khasi schoolchildren

What is planned giving?

Planned Giving is stewardship for the future. You plan to contribute assets you have accumulated in your life (for example, savings, investments, real estate, retirement plan benefits, life insurance policies, or personal property) in order to perpetuate something of great value and meaning.

Lead gifts are planned transfers that you make now (often set up as a trust).

Legacy gifts are gifts that you leave in your will.

These gifts may provide tax benefits to you or your family, even as they help the UUPCC to make new connections and strengthen existing partnerships.

How do I give?

For more information or to set up planned giving, please contact us.

Imagine what we will do together!