Resources for Partners

The core mission of UUPCC is to support partnerships.  Here you will find a variety of resources to support your partnership work.

Media Resources


Coming soon in February 2020:  A wonderful video tribute made by the Fox Valley UU Fellowship (Appleton, WI) to share at a UU Church of the Philippines celebration of Rev. Rebecca Sienes’s ministry.  

Beacon UUC Summit has been in close partnership with the Barót church in Transylvania since 1996. 

See this inspiring video that the Barót congregation produced to thank their Beacon partners for the warm and wonderful relationship that has developed between the two congregations. 

UUPCC Member Robin Bossert has shared two Vimeos videos with us. Robin is a member, Deacon, and Trustee at All Souls NYC. 

Transylvania Trip start to Medgyes (Medias).

Medgyes Partners, time in their partner village.


Partnership Notebook / New Partner Packet   (Updated June 2015)

This notebook is designed to provide everything your congregation needs for a successful start to your new international UU partnership. These resources are also helpful even if your partnership is not new. Feel free to download and share with your committee! 

June 2015:  Table of Contents for the packets above :

Partnership Inspirations: Benefits of Partnership – Inspirational Stories • Thoughts to Ponder • Suggested Worship Service Thoughts, Readings and Hymns • Travel Reflections Guide • Sermon: Rev. Gary Smith • Sermon: Rev. Scott Prinster • Transylvanian Unitarianism Bibliography, compiled by Harold Babcock • A Balkan/Central/Eastern Europe Reading List, compiled by H Babcock• The Edict of Torda • Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills of India, H.H. Mohrmen • Philippines Bibliography

The How of Partnership: Introducing Yourselves • Communicating With Your Partners • Money and Partnership • The Steering Committee • Covenant writing process

UUPCC Support Services: UUPCC Communications Offerings • Travel Grant Program and Application • UUPCC Money Transfer Service and Form ! Pilgrimages Resources • Religious Education Resources • Community Capacity Building • Frequently Asked Questions

UUPCC Partnership Handbook and Fairness and Awareness Guidelines

The Partnership Handbook contains the Fairness and Awareness Guidelines as well as other suggestions for partners. The Fairness and Awareness guidelines were developed by a research committee and published in 2005.  There are also profiles of several churches with longstanding, successful partnerships. 

Sending Funds to Your Partner Church

As part of our member services, the UUPCC offers regularly-scheduled money transfers between partner churches in the US, Canada, Transylvania, India and the Philippines. Transfers to Transylvania occur every month.  All other partner country transfers take place quarterly in February, May, August and November.

Note: all transfer funds must be received by the first of the month in which the transfer occurs.  Monies received after that time will be processed and held until the next scheduled transfer.   

To send funds to a partner church, please send a check accompanied by this transfer form.  Allow 7-10 days for delivery by US postal mail. 

*If remitting funds by credit card, there is an additional 3% charge to cover the credit card fees.
**If requesting a special transfer outside the normal schedule, there is an additional $35 fee.

More: how to transfer funds to partners

Sending Funds from Canada

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has strict requirements for Canadian charities sending funds internationally. Please refer to CRA's guidance on Canadian Registered Charities Carrying Out Activities Outside Canada, and contact the CUC's Executive Director at: prior to proceeding with a financial arrangement.

Planning a Visit to Your Partner

Face-to-face visits strengthen the bonds between partners in amazing ways.  Planning a visit from the US and Canada is easy.  UUPCC's Resources for Congregational Prilgrimages will help you organize and plan your travel. 

Reading Lists, Religious Education and Other Resources

Looking for good background information, books or articles about countries where we have partnerships? Would you like to see curriculum or other resources for Religious Education (RE)? We have organized these resources by country and general interest.


Keeping your Partnership Healthy

Whether your partnership is 1 month old or 20+ years old, it cannot survive without loving attention.  Every relationship ebbs and flows and congregational partnerships are no different.  When you are collaborating on something together, interest is high.  When you are planning a visit from here to there or there to here, interest is high. For those in-between times the partner church committee might need to be creative to keep the congregation engaged. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Ministerial Transitions

Transitions in church life can be both problematic and great opportunities at the same time. These resources focus on the time around ministerial transitions – in the US/Canada, the minister or ministers of the congregation either leave or retire; or when the same thing happens in an overseas partner congregation. These resources might be helpful too when a lay leader who has been a key leader in the partnership is leaving.

The place to begin is with an online presentation about ministerial transition created by the UUA International and UUPCC in collaboration with the UUA's Transition Office: Click here to view the presentation.

UUPCC has gathered some resources and ideas to help you attend to the partnership at this vulnerable time in your congregation’s life, and to help you prepare for involvement by your new minister.

Sermons and Worship

Click here for Sermons about partnership. 
Here's the lyrics to "Spirit of Life” in the English, Hungarian and Khasi languages.