map of indiaHajjom Kissor Singh founded the Unitarian faith. Rev. Dahl, then in Calcutta supplied him necessary materials. He later got in contact with Boston and London.

He preached the faith, walking all over the hills of Meghalaya, establishing many loyal congregations. Today there is an active Unitarian community with some new church buildings and schools.

General Information: 

The Indian Council of Unitarian Churches (ICUC) was founded Dec.12.1987 during the Centenary Celebration of the Unitarian Union NE India at Jowai. It was formed with the mutual consent of the Unitarians in North East India, Madras and Hyderabad. Its aims and objectives were to spread Unitarianism all over India by joining hands together. There are Unitarians in Hydrabad, Udaipur, & Erode.