Oct. 1 Membership Meeting, Vote on Dissolution of UUPCC

Dear UUPCC Members, 

On Friday, October 1, 2021 at 12pm ET, we will have an important Membership Meeting. Read on to review the Resolution for the Dissolution of the UUPCC, voting procedures, and links to pre-meeting conversations.


The Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council (UUPCC) was formed in 1993 and has supported member North American congregations and individuals primarily through facilitating and sustaining partnerships between North American congregations and congregations in other countries, transferring of funds to partner congregations and organizations, and supporting travel and pilgrimages.

In early 2020, leaders from the UUPCC and the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU), with the active support of the UU Association’s International Office, began a formal exploration under the International Unitarian/Universalist Collaboration Group (Collaboration Group) regarding whether and how our organizations might work in a more collaborative and sustainable way.

Leaders from both organizations recognized several realities impacting each of their organizations, including: the current structures of the ICUU and UUPCC are not financially sustainable within five years’ time; power and influence within both organizations sits mainly in larger and better materially-resourced organizations; and a recognition that neither organization is well-situated to respond to the longstanding and punishing inequalities, disparities, and hardships for the marginalized people on this planet.

 The unanimous conclusion of the Collaboration Group was the opportunity for a new way of being in relationship that would more effectively take forward the shared values of the ICUU and UUPCC and be better equipped to experiment with new forms of relationship, learning, collaboration, and action required of international U/U partners and friends.

 A lengthy, thorough, and transparent period of discernment with the boards and membership of both organizations and with other international faith partners confirmed this conclusion.

Concluding recommendations of the Collaboration Group include the recommendation for each organization to formally dissolve. In accordance with the UUPCC’s Articles of Incorporation, remaining assets will go to the UUA. The UUA has agreed to use those assets to support the transitional emergence of a new system of international U/U relationships. Individual and institutional members are encouraged to continue their financial support of this transformational work. 

The following resolution was approved by the UUPCC Board of Directors on August 20, 2021, and is hereby submitted for approval of the membership:

For twenty-eight years, we, the members and supporters of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council, have created and sustained international relationships that have shaped and deepened our lives.  We give thanks for the many blessings shared by and with us;

Individually and together, we have journeyed and stretched ourselves by practicing the belief that “the most radical thing we can do is to introduce people to one another.”  We give thanks for the opportunities to live into this practice;

We have lifted our spirits and rooted our souls by sharing and growing in our liberal faith’s principles of love, respect, and mutuality.  We give thanks for those who have walked with and steadied us;

This meaningful chapter does not end but endures in our hearts, it remains in the stories we tell and in the continuing partnerships that we nurture, grow and support.  We give thanks for the experiences and memories of partnering even as we prepare to live into a new era of international relationships;

At this meeting today of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council members, we affirm the August 20, 2021, vote by our Board of Directors, who in compliance with the laws of the State of Washington, recommend that “the Organization should be liquidated and dissolved on or before December 31, 2021.”

With thanks for our shared history, shaped by steadfast supporters and inspired leadership, we are moved by and celebrate the promises still to come.



In accordance with section 4.4 of Article 4 (Meeting of the Membership of the UUPCC) regarding voting, the UUPCC Board has determined the following voting process for this meeting:

Who may vote? 

One vote will be allowed per UUPCC member. Only persons who are current in their membership (through payment of their annual membership fee) are entitled to vote. Although a person may fit into one or more of the three voting categories below, that person may only vote once as per the following categories:

1)      An Individual Member is entitled to one vote.

2)      A Family Membership is entitled to one undivided vote for the family. One person will represent the family vote.

3)      An Member Institutional (Congregation) may designate up to three individuals to represent the institution with one vote each. These reps do not have to be a member of the UUPCC.  However a UUPCC member of that congregation must submit the names of the institution’s voting reps via email to office@uupcc.org by 5:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. 

What is the voting process?

Log in to Zoom / name change:
The vote will be conducted using the Zoom chat feature.  After logging into the Zoom meeting, individual members will immediately change their Zoom name to match their name in their UUPCC member account. (ex. John Doe).
Note: individuals casting a vote as one of their organization’s representatives will log in and immediately change their Zoom name to first and last name, name of the congregation.  (ex. Jane Doe, East Shore) 

Voting will occur in two blocks:

1)      Block 1: Individual Members and persons representing a family membership will enter “Yes” to approve or “No” to not approve or “Abstention “on the resolution.

2)      Block 2: Persons representing an Institutional Member will enter the name of the institution and their vote:  Example:  Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship / Yes.

Thank you,
Rev. Morgan McLean, UUPCC Board Chair
Rev. Fred Muir, UUPCC Interim Executive Director