Pilgrimage Postings

Notes from the Travel Committee  

by Ann Gary, UUPCC Board Member and Chair of the Travel Committee   

It’s spring in New England, finally. The daffodils are in full bloom and there is warmth in the air. That means that a good number of you are gearing up for the 2013 travel season. The UUPCC Pilgrimages are well-subscribed and we are looking forward to another strong season, bringing partners together in fellowship and friendship.

Feedback about the 2012 season was again very positive and we are so thankful to those who have filled out post-trip travel surveys. We take the idea of “continuous improvement” seriously and thank John and Csilla for their openness to the comments.

For those of you who are signed up for trips and have planned to stay in the dormitory in Kolozsvár, take John's forewarning about the steps up to the third floor seriously and consider some stair-walking practice. Every year we get feedback that travelers are surprised by this. You should always expect and be open to surprises on such a trip. But some not-so-nice surprises can be avoided or overcome. For those of you arranging your own trips, we urge you to discuss your trip with your partners up front. What are their expectations? What are your expectations? Such sharing can help to reduce the potential for misunderstandings and allow you all to be open to new experiences and new friendships. Such openness is a key to partnership success whether in travel experiences or beyond. Enjoy!

Travel Grant Note:
The UUPCC has awarded three travel grants this spring - all for upcoming first-time visits to North America by partner ministers. The applications received told of very well organized trips and activities during the partner minister stays. Such trips get top priority in our grant application review. They are a wonderful way to introduce as many people here to our partners. These ministers can introduce us to their parishioners’ lives and traditions in a very engaging way. We hope that they all have a great time with their partner congregations in North America...and interest more of us to “catch the bug” and travel overseas for a first-hand view. As we like to say, “the most radical thing we can do is introduce people to one another.” ••