"Long Strange Trip"

Long Strange Trip: UU History Film Series  

Long Strange Trip is a new film series produced by Ron Cordes. This six-part documentary details the history of Unitarian and Universalist thought from the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism. Each film is approximately one hour in length and is Close-captioned.

The first half of Part II focuses on Francis David’s life and Unitarianism in Transylvania.  UUPCC is sending this to church groups going on pilgrimages this summer as a good background to the Unitarian faith in Transylvania. There are plans in the works for development of a curriculum to accompany the series so that it can be used for teen and adult R.E. programs. Below is the abbreviated description of each part.

  • Long Strange Trip – Part I – In the Beginning ... (0 a.d. - 1553 a.d.)This film examines the early roots of liberal religious thought.
  • Long Strange Trip – Part II – The Birth of Unitarianism (1553 - 1794) This film chronicles the religious liberals in Poland and Transylvania. It concludes with the emigration of Joseph Priestley from England to America in 1794.
  • Long Strange Trip – Part III – American Unitarianism (1620 - 1860)This film talks about the development of Unitarianism in America from 1620 through the death of Theodore Parker in 1860.
  • Long Strange Trip – Part IV – Universalism (1600 - 1860)
  • Long Strange Trip – Part V – Evolution (1861 - 1961)
  • Long Strange Trip – Part VI – Unitarian Universalism Expected Release - Fall 2013.

 The first five in the series have been released and are now available at the UUA Bookstore