2013 Stewards of Partnership

The Board of the UU Partner Church Council is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2013 Steward of Partnership awards. This award is given annually to recognize those in our congregations who provide exceptional care for partnerships. We know that long-term partnerships do not automatically sustain themselves. It takes attention, time and loving care to maintain long distance connections and nurture friendships. Often this work is not publicly recognized even though it is what keeps partnerships thriving and congregations involved.

The people being recognized this year have kept communication going, organized worship services, kept their congregations engaged, made friends, shared stories—and their lives—with their partners in other countries. They have cooked and served and cleaned up at countless events. They have visited their partners and helped their partners come here. Many have organized major programs that have forever affected their lives and the lives of their partners. We honor and treasure all they have done and continue to do for Unitarians and UUs around the world.

We are pleased to award the 2013 Steward of Partnership award to the following people:

  • Elaine Gerard Climo, UU Congregation of Castine, ME
  • Carol Findling, First Unitarian, Louisville, KY
  • Michael Fosberg, First Religious Society, Newburyport, MA
  • Polly Gould, UU Congregation of the Upper Valley, Norwich, VA
  • Monty Low, First Unitarian of San Jose, CA
  • Dean McKennon, UU Church of Greater Lynn, Swampscott, MA
  • John Schaibly, First Unitarian Universalist of San Diego, CA

Congratulations to all. It is a joy to recognize these people for the dedication and commitment they have shown over the years to keep their partnerships strong and thriving. We know there are many more that deserve to be recognized, and we encourage you to submit nominations from your congregation for next year’s award. Nomination forms can be found on our website.  ••