Jul 03, 2014

Earlier this year we learned about our Transylvanian partners’ efforts to support sustainable alternatives to the proposed gold mines in Roşia Montană / Verespatak. See our Facebook page ( for news updates and new opportunities.

Jun 02, 2014

Click here to download the 2014 Annual Meeting Packet.

Apr 27, 2014

UUPCC Spring 2014 NewsletterExecutive Director Cathy Cordes looks back at the year in review -- and three churches look forward to partnerships with churches in Newcastle-upon-Tyne & West Yorkshire, England and with a primary school in the Khasi Hills of India. Follow the story of the Atlanta Choir's musical pilgramage through Northern India and read two tales of a wonderful pilgrimage from the US to Várfalva, Transylvania. Get information about the upcoming Global Leadership Conference and about UUPCC events at General Assembly.

Feb 27, 2014

The adult choir from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, under the direction of Donald Milton III, sing "Nearer My God to Thee" in the Khasi language.  The choir visited the Khasi Hills in February 2014 and sang at several churches in the Shillong area before they moved on to the city of Jowai, where this performance was recorded. This has been an exciting trip for both the choir and the Unitarian Union of Northern India, and a historic one too -- they are the first American UU choir to visit and sing at these churches.  

Feb 05, 2014

Our partner congregations in Transylvania, with leadership from their Bishop’s Office, have been standing firmly in support of the locals in the village of Roşia Montană/Verespatak who have been protesting the efforts of a Canadian mining company to destroy their homes and lands as well as their cultural and natural heritage.  

Jan 22, 2014

UUPCC Winter 2013-2014 NewsletterLearn about the latest in partnerships and pilgrimages, including three new partnerships that have been established between North American churches and churches in Transylvania, Budapest and Manila.

Dec 15, 2013

Click to see photos from the conference! The Most Radical Thing We Can Do: Introductions and Beyond - One Day of Workshops, Worship, Learning and Sharing on International Partnership. Hosted by First Parish Church in Bedford, MA.

Dec 12, 2013

December 11, 2013: Recording: December Partner Church Conference CallLogistics for Transylvanians coming to the US for a visitPlanning a youth component to a trip to TransylvaniaHow to stimulate interest in going on a pilgrimageFundraising examples from around the countryHow to keep the partnership alive in your congregation

Dec 11, 2013

UUPCC Youth pilgrimages to Transylvania are a remarkable, soulful experience -- but what is it that leaders and participants do to make sure that they work? Read our updated brochure The Benefits of a Youth Trip to Transylvania for experienced real-world suggestions on planning, enjoying and following up on a meaningful youth trip.More information about planning trips, youth and otherwise, can be found on our Planning a Pilgrimage page.

Dec 09, 2013

Listen to a November 2013 conference call featuring Rodger Mattlage (Concord, MA), Carol Cook (San Mateo, CA), and Cathy Perry (Bellevue, WA) discussing ministerial transitions in their own and partner churches. Moderator: Cathy Cordes. Recording: Ministerial Transitions