Ungar Honored with 2016 Cornish Award

Arliss Ungar is the 2016 winner of the Louis C. Cornish “Living the Mission” Award! Every year this award recognizes and honors individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to cultivating and sustaining mutually beneficial congregational partnerships between Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists around the world.

Ungar has more than demonstrated her commitment to partnership. In addition to making frequent visits to Transylvania herself, she has served for over twenty years in various leadership roles with the Balázs Scholar Program. This program enables (typically) Transylvanian ministers to study and preach in North America before returning home. This time opens up new opportunities for learning and growth both in the Scholars and in the North American UUs gifted to know them.

As the citation noted, “It is hard to imagine the Balázs scholars program surviving let alone thriving as it has for more than twenty years without Arliss’ extraordinary skills, gifts, and tireless passion…Countless stories of connection, partnership, and friendship can be traced to the program Arliss’ consummate attention to detail has made possible.”

 Congratulations, Arliss!