UNESCO Global Teacher Hall of Fame: Ditol Mylliemngap

We offer our congratulations to Ditol Mylliemngap, Headmaster of the Puriang Unitarian School, for receiving the UNESCO Global Teacher Role Model Award 2015 last month. He will be inducted into the Global Teacher Hall of Fame in Bangkok, Thailand in December. In his speech, he said, “It is the teachings of my parents, my teachers, and God’s leading that I was able to achieve this honor. This award has brought about the recognition of Puriang village and Meghalaya as a whole.”  The Puriang Unitarian School has over 400 students of all faiths, and was recently ranked as the 7th best school in the state of Meghalaya. Mr. Mylliemngap was the first graduate of the school. He began teaching there in the early 1990s and became Headmaster in 1998.