Transylvanian Partners Take Direct Action: Support Locals Against Gold Mine

Our partner congregations in Transylvania, with leadership from their Bishop’s Office, have been standing firmly in support of the locals in the village of Roşia Montană/Verespatak who have been protesting the efforts of a Canadian mining company to destroy their homes and lands as well as their cultural and natural heritage. 

During the Advent Sundays, they organized busloads of people to go to Roşia Montană/Verespatak (2+ hours each way) to support the local people and hold bilingual services in the Unitarian church there. 

For the foreseeable future our Transylvanian partner congregations will continue these actions, with busloads of people going every Sunday from congregations to Roşia Montană/Verespatak.  Each Sunday a group of congregations from a different area of Transylvania will go, so they can share and distribute the effort and expenses involved, as well as giving people from around Transylvania opportunities to lend their support and get direct exposure to the people and issues involved.

This effort started in earnest when the Unitarian Bishop sent us a message about this issue and what Unitarians and other denominations were doing to support those protesting against the mining. 

Our partners will be keeping us informed about the situation and will let us know if they need any assistance from us. In the meantime, here are some resources that can help you learn more about the issue.