Dr. Richard Ford named 2015 Louis C. Cornish "Living the Mission" Award Winner

Dr. Richard Ford, is a Research Professor of the International Development, Community and Environment at Clark University.   UUPCC is recognizing Dr. Ford for giving generously of his time, his talents, and his financial support to instill Community Capacity Building as a core operating principle within the UUPCC and its member congregations.  By creating a system and program that empowers community members to lead their own poverty alleviation initiatives, he has left a lasting legacy on congregations and associations worldwide.  His entire system was based on participation by all – not just church leaders, but lay people, non-U/Us, youth, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Empowered by Dr. Ford’s Community Capacity Building program, international U/Us are bringing clean drinking water to their communities, expanding schools, installing health centers, building roads, installing latrines, cleaning up rivers, empowering women, and so much more.  He has established a global network of volunteers who can facilitate these programs in Transylvania, India, The Philippines, and the United States expanding our reach and effectiveness.

Dr. Ford has been a trusted advisor at board meetings, a featured speaker at numerous GAs and UUPCC regional workshops, an ardent globetrotter to village after village, and an important facilitator within US congregations for partnership and Community Capacity Building.  Congregations and congregants around the globe are now using participatory planning techniques to change their U/U communities forever – and they are grateful to Dr. Ford for setting the UUPCC down this path. UUPCC is pleased to recognize Dr. Ford with this award.