Partnership Support Weekends

New Start Weekends & Partnership ReFresh Weekends

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your congregation has just agreed to a partnership with a UU congregation in the Philippines or another country. But what do we do after we say HELLO?
  • Or, maybe your partnership has been around for years and wants to explore "Partnership" further and deeper, and find some fresh energy.
  • Or, maybe your partnership has been around for years but the people who used to be the main contacts are gone.
  • Or, you and your partner church have both had a change of ministry and you feel the need to renew your covenant and refresh your connections.

If this sounds familiar, the UU Partner Church Council has a program just right for you and your congregation. A one or two person team from UUPCC will visit your church for a weekend and provide a worship service, a leadership meeting, and other events that you and our team put together. Read more to see how it works.

How Does it Work?

Your church contacts the UUPCC office to let us know you are interested. We will interview you to establish a date that works in your church calendar and to design a program that fits the needs of your congregation. A one or two person team from UUPCC will spend a weekend at your church with a variety of activities to meet your needs.

How much does it Cost?

The UUPCC will pay for its team's travel costs. The congregation will provide home hospitality for the team and local transportation. The congregation is also expected to pay its customary honorarium for leading a service to the UUPCC. An added plus is a Sunday collection to support the work of UUPCC, but we know that is not always a possibility.

What are the Goals?

Goals of New Start Weekend:

1. Help a congregation new in partnership learn about Partnership and how to develop a strong and vital mutual partnership.

2. Develop clear understanding of hopes and expectations for partnership.

3. Familiarize a congregation with best practices for creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial, responsibly sustained, and linked in joint and mutual covenant.

3. Help a congregation new to partnership avoid the pitfalls that frequently occur in new partnerships and instead help the partnership get off to a strong start. 

Goal of the Partnership ReFresh:

1. To help a congregation refresh and re-energize a partnership which has grown stagnant, distant and/or low in energy.

2. To help a congregation deepen the Partnership experience, develop new insights into multi-cultural relationships.


What happens on the weekend?

We have some core elements to make either a New Start or a ReFresh weekend successful.

  1. Leadership meeting (3-4 hours)—Participants determined in dialogue between UUPCC Partnership ReFresh or Start-up team leader and ministerial and/or lay partnership leadership from the congregation. Meeting includes focus on Partnership (with a capital P)—i.e., mutual partnership; top rewards and challenges of partnership; inspiring stories; multicultural competencies; communication with partners; dealing with money; RE and youth involvement; travel; and UUPCC resources.
  2. Worship service(s) focused on partnership—Should include a children/youth component. Ideally will also include either pre-recorded or live contact with partner congregation via the internet.
  3. Activities with children and/or youth—Integrating children and youth into the partnership is very important for the partnership's long-term success. We will work with the minister, lay partnership leaders, and/or RE staff to figure out how best to involve children and youth in the Partnership Start-up or ReFresh weekend besides during the worship service(s).

There are optional elements that can be included as well:

  1. Friday evening social activity (e.g., potluck supper, dessert with partnership folks (or perhaps wider group)
  2. Multicultural competencies workshop (75 minutes)
  3. Community Capacity Building workshop (90 minutes)
  4. Involving children and/or youth workshop (75-90 minutes)
  5. Attending RE classes and/or youth group

At the end of the weekend there is a wrap-up meeting with the partnership leadership and minister(s) and a plan for next steps.

Want to get started?

Give us a call at 314-918-2618 or send us an email: