How to download or share a video

These instructions explain how to find the original URL of a video on our website so you can save the link or use it to download the video to your computer. You can also view a printable PDF version of these instructions.

  1. At the bottom of any YouTube video on our site, to the right of the play button, you will see several buttons. Click the YouTube button to open the video in YouTube.
  2. On the YouTube screen for the video, click the Share button.
  3. You will now see the URL (web address) for the video. Select and copy this URL to email, embed or download the video.
  4. Decide how you want to play back the video. Select Option A or B below depending on your needs.
    • OPTION A: Save or Email the URL for future use
    If you will have Internet access when it is time to play back the movie, you may not need to download the movie to your computer, but can simply save this URL until you need it.
    • Bookmark the page or copy and paste the URL to where you want it. This URL allows you to get to the movie easily any time you are connected to the Internet.
    • If desired, you may also use the YouTube buttons on this Share screen to Email or Embed the movie. (Embedding is for people who have their own website and want to play the movie there)
    • YOU ARE NOW DONE WITH OPTION A and do not need to follow the download instructions below. Enjoy the movie!

    • OPTION B: Download the movie to your computer
    If you prefer to download the movie to your computer for later playback -- for example, if you will not have Internet access when it is time to play the movie -- follow the additional instructions below.
  5. If you have decided to download the movie to your computer, copy the URL as described in steps 1-3, and then go to the Clip Converter website,

    Note: There are other websites you may use to do the same thing; this one is  free, has no ads, and works with any current browser or operating system. It does require JavaScript to be turned on, and will prompt you if it is not. Use a different site if you prefer, but don't do it with an audience unless you are sure of the site! Some of the ad-sponsored sites are not safe for work (or school or church).
  6. Paste the URL you copied into the box on the Clip Converter screen and press Continue.
  7. Select a format -- MP4 is a good one for most people, but you could choose any format that you prefer to use on your computer, including AVI, WMV or MOV.
  8. Fill in any options you're asked about for size of the movie, etc. then click the Start button and your movie will be downloaded.
  9. Check the downloaded file to make sure it plays properly on your computer. If not, go back to Step 7 and select a different format.
  10. Enjoy your movie!

-- Clare Shawcross for the UUPCC, September 13, 2013