Building Our Faith Fund

In most parts of the globe, having a building is the visible indication of an established church. Many governments will not recognize a church unless it has property and a building. Many newly formed Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist groups meet in someone’s home or outside for lack of a space. This is true in the Philippines, in the Khasi Hills of India, in other countries with newly formed Unitarian and UU churches. In some countries, congregations operate schools (especially elementary schools) and orphanages.

UUPCC, in conjunction with the UUA International Office, is establishing this fund to help these communities of Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists build the necessary buildings to lift up the presence of our faith for all to see.

You can help build UU churches around the world!

UUPCC encourages all U.S. and Canadian churches planning a capital campaign for their own buildings to commit a small percentage—1/2 to 2% of funds raised —to this fund for international U*U buildings. Small groups and individuals can contribute as well.

International Unitarian and UU churches, schools and orphanages will be encouraged to apply for grants. Please contact the UUPCC if your church would like to designate a country and/or be in contact with the congregation they help. UUPCC representatives would be pleased to talk with a member of the capital campaign committee directly. Please contact us at or call 781-275-1710 to speak with someone directly.