UUPCC Awards

The UU Partner Church Council gives two awards annually to honor those who work to develop and sustain partnerships around the world.

  • Louis C. Cornish Living the Mission Award

Louis C. CornishThe UU Partner Church Council established this award in 1999 in honor of Louis C. Cornish. As president of the American Unitarian Association, he championed human rights efforts for Unitarians and Universalists in Romania and the Philippines in the 1920’s and 30’s. Dr. Cornish was a visionary internationalist who devoted much of his life to forging global bonds for liberal religious groups. He headed a task force on human rights for ethnic Hungarians in Romania, and visited the Philippines to initiate connections with Unitarians there. In the spirit of Dr. Cornish, the award recipients have made significant contributions to international relationships.

The award is given annually to honor those who have worked tirelessly to foster the mission of developing and sustaining mutually beneficial congregational partnerships between Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists around the world.

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  • Annual Steward of Partnership Award

This award is given annually to recognize those who provide exceptional care for their own congregation's partnerships. UUPCC knows long-term partnerships do not automatically sustain themselves. It takes attention, time and loving care to maintain long distance connections and nurture friendship. Often this work is not publicly recognized even though it is this crucial grassroots work that keeps the partnership thriving and keeps the congregations involved.

The people recognized have kept communication going, organized worship services, kept their congregations engaged, made friends, shared stories – and their lives – with their partners in other countries. They have cooked and served and cleaned up at countless events. They have visited their partners and helped their partners come here. Many have organized major programs that have forever affected their lives and the lives of their partners.

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Learn about the Steward of Partnership Award