Rev. Diane Rollert - Winter 2012    (PDF)
Ulay, Philippines

No matter how long
and well a life is lived,
No matter how much we know
that death must
and does inevitably come,
to let go is never easy.

There is always much that is left unsaid and undone.

Yet, there also remains
so much gratitude
for what was.

May all your cherished memories,
and all that remains unspoken,
be held gently in your hearts.

Where there lingers any regret or misunderstanding,
May there be
the healing of forgiveness;
Where there has been warmth and love,
May there be
the healing power of gratitude.

In the suddenness of death,
there is a mysterious presence,
claiming finally
that which is eternal in all of life.  

Earth returns to earth,
dust remains dust. 

But that which is truly beautiful in life rises ever onward.  

That which bore
the image of the earth,
also bears the image of the heavens.  

We are now the witnesses
that the spirit
is gone from the body,
and is caught up into the eternity,
which is the spirit of life,
which is God,
all about us and within us.  

In this moment,
may we give thanks
for the light of love
that persists through death
and lives on in our hearts.