Organizational Documents

2017 Annual Meeting Packet

The 2017 UUPCC Annual Meeting was held on Friday, June 23, 2017, during General Assembly in New Orleans, LA.

2016 Annual Meeting Packet

2015 Annual Meeting Packet

The 2015 Annual Meeting was held June 26th at at General Assembly in Portland, Oregon. See the Annual Meeting Packet below for all UUPCC reports and financial statements.

2014 Annual Meeting Packet

2013 Annual Meeting Packet

The Annual Meeting for 2013 was held at General Assembly in Louisville Kentucky on June 21, 2013.

Here is the packet of reports, financial statements and prior year's minutes: 

Annual Reports

Annual Meeting Minutes

UUPCC Bylaws

Board Meeting Minutes

Board meetings are held monthly by telephone conference except in July.  One face-to-face extended board meeting is held during the winter - usually January.  Minutes are posted once they have been approved (usually the following month.)






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