Inaugural Roots Pilgrimage July 2018

NOTE: If you have mobility issues, some of our partner countries may be challenging to visit.
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Registration closes: 

 April 8, 2018 - 11:15pm
Price: $150 registration + $875 (double occupancy)

Join us for this joint inaugural Roots Pilgrimage (8 nights/8 days) with the Hungarian Unitarian Church and the UU Partner Church Council!  Together we will explore our shared Unitarian religious heritage, including spiritual, cultural and theological beliefs, values and traditions. 

On most international tours you get to meet local people as you spend an afternoon or a few overnights in their homes. During these encounters we share family photos and compare education, jobs and food.  But even with translators it is difficult to go deeper with our personal thoughts, dreams for our futures and our theological beliefs.  With the Roots Pilgrimage, travelers will be able to delve into these topics with a group of participants from Transylvania, as we travel to historical Unitarian sites, live together and share ongoing facilitated conversations about topics important to all of us.

Lectures, panel discussions, small group conversations and spiritual practices will help Transylvanian and North American participants explore large spiritual themes.  Travelers will engage with activities and discussions around cultural and theological beliefs beliefs relating to all of life.  Specifically, we will discuss birth/origin, development through relationships, fulfillment, and death/grief.  These topics are some of the “big” religious questions which span all life.  The Roots Pilgrimage gives you an amazing opportunity to explore your own faith while at the same time connecting very deeply with our siblings in faith.

If you are interested in closer connections with your partner church, if you are a religious seeker, if you want to learn about yourself, Transylvania, Unitarianism and Unitarian Universalism - this is the trip for you!

For more information, see this ROOTS FAQ's

The Hungarian Unitarian Church is offering a PRE-pilgrimage extension to Kolozsvár enable our North American Roots participants to attend the dedication of the Center for Religious Freedom in the restored Bishop’s House on July 7, a Sunday morning worship service in Kolozsvár on July 8, and an international conference on religious freedom on July 9.  The conference is connected to the Torda450 project (see for details).  English will be one of the primary languages at the conference.  Cost of this pre-pilgrimage extension is $250 for double occupancy (with an option to get a single room for an additional $60).  Meals are included and more information will be forthcoming after registration closes on April 1, 2018

To round out your ROOTS experience, take part in the POST-pilgrimage extension to Budapest July 17 - 20th.  See POST trip itinerary and prices here.