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For more a decade the UUPCC Pilgrimage Service has helped to cement the bonds between North American UUs and their partners overseas. The past five years have seen almost 1000 US and Canadian UUs representing more than 150 congregations travel with us to visit partners around the globe. These pilgrimage groups ranged in size from 4-40, and we worked with each of them to customize an itinerary that met their time frame and interests.

If you and members of your congregation would like to travel together, you can begin to plan your congregational pilgrimage today!

If you are registering for a private group pilgrimage and have received a Registration Code from your group's trip coordinator, enter the number in the box below and click on the Register button. Make sure to read the UUPCC trip cancellation policy before you register.

We offer a number of group tours open to UU individuals of all ages and interests. You do not have to be a member of a specific congregation to participate. Browse Pilgrimage Opportunities to see our upcoming public trips.