Becoming a member of the UUPCC brings you into the world-wide community of Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists. As an individual, family, or institution, you can support the mission and vision of the UUPCC by joining as a member. Click on the levels below for information on membership benefits and dues. 

Individual Membership

UUPCC Family ($75) & Individual Membership ($50) entitles you to:  

  • E-newsletter subscription to our 'Partner Church News' (6 x's a year).
  • Easy trip registration through your personal UUPCC account.
  • Helpful trip planning materials and advice.
  • Voting rights at our annual meeting held at the UUA General Assembly in June, plus an invitation to attend the luncheon before the meeting.
  • ONLINE: RENEW or BECOME A MEMBER (click appropriate button at bottom of page)
  • For memberships or renewals paid by check, print and mail this Individual Membership form.  

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership provides Partnered churches support to deepen the connection with their partners.
Institutional Memberships offer:

  • E-newsletter subscription to our monthly 'Partner Church News' (6 x's a year).
  • Telephone and email consultation with staff members to help you with all your partnership needs.  Call us at (314) 918-2618 or email us.
  • A reliable transfer system for delivering donations to your Transylvanian, Philippine or India partners.
  • This web site with important partner church information.
  • Help in planning congregational visits to Transylvania, India and the Philippines, general pilgrimage opportunities for individuals and materials to help prepare for your visit.
  • A database of all partners to track partnership information and changes on both sides of the ocean.
  • Support services for partnerships in transition because of ministerial changes for either partner.  
  • ONLINE: RENEW or BECOME A MEMBER:  (click appropriate button at bottom of page)
  • For memberships or renewals paid by check, print and mail this UUPCC Institutional Membership Form.  

Institutional membership indicates a commitment by your whole congregation (not just a few individuals) to the partner relationship. It recognizes that the partnership movement depends on individuals, churches and institutions. Each partnership exists within a network of Unitarians and Universalists  that supports international collaboration of individuals and institutions.

Since its founding in 1993, the UUPCC has grown into a significant support network. Without that network, each partnership would have to operate alone, solving its problems without benefit of the knowledge of other partners. 

Your dues make these services possible, supports our presence at General Assembly, provides grants for the Balazs Scholar program at Starr King School for the Ministry, and helps support an English teacher for the seminarians in Transylvania.  

Being a partner is a deliberate process that requires loving care.  It can deepen our faith, provide transformative personal experiences and broaden the reach of our congregations beyond the walls of the church. UUPCC appreciates and wants to support your partnership.  Please let us know how we can be of service.

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