PC News Editor's "Swan Song" and What's Next

This issue marks an important—and for all of us save perhaps Nancy Daugherty—difficult passing: Nancy’s retirement as Editor of the Partner Church News. Nancy has done extraordinary work as Editor. For 50 issues over 16 years, she has created and produced an attractive, in-depth newsletter. And she has done so with an unfailingly gracious and good nature. 

Nancy will no doubt want to share the credit with others such as Cathy Cordes and the scores of others who have contributed articles and photos and the team that has proofread draft newsletters with an eye on things like Hungarian accent marks.  But the truth is plain for all of us who have enjoyed and appreciated the newsletter to see: it wouldn’t have been so informative, interesting and eye-catching without Nancy’s labors. 

So thank you, Nancy!  We salute you on this occasion of your last issue as Editor.

What's Next for UUPCC Communications?

An excellent question is: What happens now with our newsletter?  The short answer is I’m not sure.  Nancy’s retirement presents an opportune moment to rethink our entire communication strategy: not only the newsletter, but also email, the UUPCC Chat, and social media among other modes. I will be doing this with our Board and continuing Communications Committee members over the next few months. I am confident that we will continue communicating with our members and supporters, and I’m sure that there will be some form of a printed version for those who prefer to read from paper rather than a screen. Beyond that, I’m not sure. All I can say is: Stay tuned!