Cathy Cordes Travel Fund—Off to a Great Start

The UUPCC Board is very pleased to report that the Cathy Cordes Travel Fund is off to a roaring start. We have received around $11,500 in gifts and expect another $1,500 in fulfillment of pledges. Thank you to the fifty individuals and families who have contributed to date to this fund. 

The Cathy Cordes Travel Fund is a wonderful vehicle for acknowledging our deep gratitude for Cathy’s amazing work as Executive Director and tireless devotion to Partnership. For nearly two decades as a Board member and then Executive Director, Cathy has contributed much to the creation of so many life-changing relationships around the world. Her work embodied the understanding that the most radical thing we can do is introduce people to one another. Nothing does this better than face-to-face travel.  So by encouraging travel—especially by those who could not otherwise afford it—this new fund will extend and further deepen Cathy’s momentous and lasting legacy. 

Already, we have received over $13,000 in generous donations and pledges. Please join these donors in expressing your appreciation for Cathy’s years of dedicated leadership and service. Contributions can be sent to the UUPCC Office:
4813 E. Lockwood, Suite 109 
St. Louis, MO 63119-3168.

Please note Cathy Cordes Fund in the memo line of your check. 

The UUPCC Board will develop policies and procedures for using the Cathy Cordes Travel Fund as well as a strategy for ongoing fund-raising. Stay tuned for details.

Gifts of ALL sizes are welcome. We have established several categories for your consideration to honor Cathy’s service, but again, gifts in any amount are welcome!

•      $2,000 — funds at least four travel grants

•      $1,000 — funds at least two travel grants

•      $500 — the current average travel grant

•      $250 — will boost grant funding to meet increasing needs.